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Annual Bagging Activity – November 16, 2016 – Burley Junior High School

by Project TLC  

Please join us for our annual bagging activity for 2016 to be held Nov 11th at the Burley Junior High School from 5-8pm!



August Update – Current Supplies and What We Still Need

by Project TLC  

Candy canes = 12,327 (more than enough!!)
Decorated bags = 3,225 (need 1,775 more)
Ornaments = 4,066 (need 934 more)
Adult letters = 5,614 (goal met)
Youth letters = 5,770 (goal met)
Childrens’ letters = 4,592 (need 408 more)
Santa Hats = 45 (goal met)
Small candy = 12,641 (need 12,359 more)
Large candy = 1,480 (need 8,520 more)

All donations must be turned in by November 1, 2015

Funds needed = about $2,000.00


Current List of Supplies – Have and Need

by Project TLC  

The following is a list of our supplies so far.

Our goal for 2015 is a minimum of 5,000 gift bags.

The latest count of supplies is………..
Candy Canes = 12,105……. need no more
Decorated bags = 2,730…… need 2,270 more
Ornaments = 3,728 ………….need 1,272 more
Adult Letters = 3,794…………need 1,206 more
Youth letters = 4,104…………need 896 more
Children’s letters = 3,407……need 1,593 more
Santa hats = 45
Small candy = 9,987 enough for 1,997 bags
Large candy = 1,262 enough for 631 bags

PLEASE DO NOT WAIT until September to donate!!!
Funds needed = abt $4,000 – $5,000

Please share our site with you friends!!! And feel free to contact us for further information.


Barbara Coleman Senior High School – Miami Lakes, Florida

by Project TLC  

Photos of the students from Barbara Coleman Senior High School in Miami Lakes, Florida. They’re working on ornaments for Project Rudolph! Thank you for your help in bringing Christmas cheer to our people in the military!










Help Needed with Rising Shipping Costs

by Project TLC  

USPSProject Rudolph USA is in a pickle. Standard rates for packages shipped via USPS have increased 50% since last year. Here is a note from Ray, our shipping man:

“Did anyone notice that the Post Office has increased the cost of standard shipping by about 50% since last year?
I priced out shipping a box that is 19″x24″x19″ that weighs 40lb 10oz going to an APO address. The cost is $70.12. I choked, then I looked at last years records and a box that was 19x24x19 and weighed 40lb 13oz, cost $45.20 to ship to the same APO address…. That is an increase of $25.00 for 1 box. I have at least 20 boxes that size to ship ( which is only 3000 bags). They will have an added cost of $500.00 over last years shipping cost. At that rate, we will incur almost $1700.00 in shipping costs over last year, in shipping 10,000 bags. Last year it cost about $1.13 per lb to ship. This year will cost about $1.76 per lb to ship.”

Please dig deep in your pockets and donate a few extra dollars, we need it. We normally have all of our boxes shipped downrange by now, but due to a lack of manpower, changes to customs forms and the increase in shipping costs we have a tractor trailor filled with boxes waiting to be shipped.

You can also send a donation via paypal directly to

If you live in the Magic Valley and can help with customs forms, packing and transporting of boxes to the Post Office, please contact Ray at

You can also donate through Go Fund Me at this link:


Project Rudolph Fall Festival Nov. 8th and Bagging Activity Nov. 20th

by Project TLC  

Project Rudolph Fall Festival – Nov 8th – 12-4pm at the CSI center in Burley

Game booths, Bake Sale, Craft sale, Kiddie train, photo booth, Work center for Project Rudolph for letter writing, bag decorating and such
We need people, groups, businesses, clubs, whatever…..who would be willing to sponsor a booth for the Festival. We have face painting and a photo booth and a train ride, that is all so far. People would need to set up and take down and decorate their own area. We would prefer that they also provide their own prizes for their activity. That could consist of toys or treats. (Zurchers or Oriental trading would be best for toys) Setup up would begin at 10:00am. It will be a ticketed event so the booths would not need to deal with cash, only the taking of tickets. The internet is full of ideas for carnival games.

Bake Sale – People can bring home baked items and home made candies to be sold at the event.

Pumpkin Recipe Competition – We will hold a competition for the best tasting pumpkin recipe!!! This could be soup, dessert, drink……whatever.

Craft booths – There will be a $25.00 charge for a craft booth, or people can donate a craft item for sale at the Festival.

This event would be great for scout troops needing service hours, young women, Community clubs, etc.

Project Rudolph Bagging Activity – Thursday Nov 20th @ BJHS 5-8pm

The public is invited to come and assemble bags for shipping. Donations will be accepted at the door, but we would much prefer to have them sooner so they can be tagged and organized.

Come join us for these events and help make Christmas special for our troops!



The $5 Challenge to Help Make This Christmas Special for our Troops

by Project TLC  

We at Project Rudolph challenge each of our friends and fans to donate at least $5 to Project Rudolph. If each of our 613 Facebook fans donated just $5 we would have $3,065, just about enough money to cover shipping to send 10,000 Christmas bags downrange.

Please consider donating. The address to mail donations is:

Project Rudolph
600 S. Wilson
Oakley ID 83346

Please make checks payable to “Project Rudolph”.

You can also donate via credit card through PayPal. Just click the link below and enter $5, or whatever amount you’d like to donate.

The best thing? No bucket of ice water or video camera necessary to complete this challenge!

We thank you! And our soldiers thank you!




by Project TLC  

Help Project Rudolph by using the code word “Rudolph” when registering for the Viking Man Run this August!!!! When doing so, a percentage of the registration fees will help provide the fees needed to ship gift bags to the troops for Christmas!!!!



Bullying and support for our angel Ceilidha

by Project TLC  

We were the NMFA in 2010 and I know lots of kids are dealing with bullying, especially military kids. Showing each other we are a military family and support each other sends a strong message to our military kids… They are NOT alone!!

I am requesting your help.

My husband is a flight medic who has spent 27 months in Iraq and Afghanistan medevacing our wounded service men and women. While he was deployed multiple times, we started a charity, Operation Angel visiting the wounded at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Germany. We handed out more than 20,000 “Angel Bags” to the wounded there over the last 8 years. My daughter was the reason the charity began, she has a HUGE heart.

On Nov 1, we moved from Germany to Fort Campbell and on Jan 2 my husband deployed to Afghanistan for 7-9 months. My daughter started in public school and almost immediately started getting picked on because she is struggling to get caught up in math. She is 10 years old, and has been called a Nazi and told to go back to Germany multiple times. After all the bullying Ceilidha has gone through, I decided to go ahead and follow through with a quip she made about having a book of all the tough soldiers who support her.

So, I am asking for soldiers/Sailors/Airmen/and Marines, if you could take a photo of yourself, in uniform, with a written sign of some sort, showing your support of love for Ceilidha and e-mail that to

Then for my other friends from around the world, if you want to do the same, I will put together a couple of photo books of support for her. If you are in Hawaii, maybe a paper that says “Sending our Love from Hawaii” or something like that, so she can see that she has support from around the world to help her get through this rough transition. She can carry them in her backpack and when she feels alone, she can look and see all the support and love she has.

Military kids deal with a lot and I think knowing she has an international community rallying around her, and that her Military family supports her, is a huge thing.

Feel free to share this. I think the more photos of support I can get for her, the better.

Thanks everyone!
Tawny Campbell

The following are of photos of Ceilidha. The first one she is 3 and pushing an amputee through the hospital halls at LRMC.

The second one is her being given a purple heart by a soldier.

The third is her just after goodbye to her dad earlier this month. He had just walked out the door on his way to fly out.


Project Rudolph Bagging Activity – Burley, Idaho

by Project TLC  

Please put Nov. 20 on your calendar!!!!! That will be our annual major bagging activity at Burley Junior High School from 5-8 pm. We need about 30 volunteers to man the stations….ready to go at 5:00!!! So please arrive a few minutes early so we can place you.

Donations will be accepted on site, however we would like as much as possible before hand so they can be separated and processed. Donation boxes are in place at DL Evans banks in Rupert and Burley, PMT offices in Rupert and Burley, Chamber of Commerce building in Heyburn, and at The Book Plaza in Burley. If you are closer to Twin Falls, I have a daughter in Hansen who would be glad to make arrangements for pick-up. Contact me for her number.

If you do not live in the area, you can mail donations to us, but our last shipping date is Dec 10…and that is pushing it!! So the sooner the better to insure your donations will be used this year. If they arrive too late, they will be boxed up and saved for next year.

Project Rudolph
600 S. Wilson
Oakley, ID 83346

Our greatest need this year is decorated paper lunch bags 5×11 in size along with the letters and ornaments!!! Flat and unbreakable ornaments 2″-5″ across. Please, no paper, thin foamies, or pipe cleaner ornaments – they don’t maintain their shape in shipping! And their life span is relatively short. We are hoping for ornaments that will last for years to come for our service men and women. Write on each ornament “Project Rudolph” and the state from which it comes. (Project Rudolph – Indiana for example)

Once again we wish to express our sincere appreciation for all those who have contributed to Project Rudolph this year and in years previous. We can’t do this without YOU!!!!! You have blessed our lives immensely, let alone those thousands of men and women who have been the recipients of Project Rudolph bags……over 50,000 of them!!!!!!

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